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Waterdown Maid Services

Does the thought of going home to clean after a long day at work make you want to run away?  Do you find that you simply don’t have the time to clean your home no matter what you do?  Is your mother coming for a visit and the house isn’t ready for company?

We offer a solution.  Maid services can help all busy Waterdown residents who have better things to do than spend their evenings and weekends cleaning their house.  We have a variety of affordable cleaning services meant to cater to Waterdown homeowners.  If you are looking for reliable and affordable cleaning services then we are Waterdown’s #1 choice for maid services. 

best cleaning services in waterdown

Our business has grown over the years because we offer great service at a great rate and of course great cleaning.  Our service is built on giving our customers the greatest flexibility for their situation.  We have cleaning packages for private homes, apartments or for your condo.  Our clients have the choice of booking our services on a regular basis or just having us come in to help you with a deeper clean.

If you have just bought a new home then Clean Maids can make it sparkle before you move in.  At the same time we can take care of your old home before the new tenants have moved in. 

Our team only uses the finest green cleaning products on the market.  Not only will every surface on your home be shining and dust free you won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals around yourself, your children or your pets.

Affordable Cleaning Services

Our company was built on providing an honest day’s work at an affordable price.  We created our business for the everyday working class singles and families that just don’t have time to clean themselves.  

Regular maid services are no longer limited to wealthy homeowners living in mansions.  Our services are flexible to meet the demands of Waterdown residents.  

If you want to get a head start on your spring cleaning or you would like us to help maintain your home on a regular basis then give us a call we would love to work with you.  

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